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Read on to see what our gorgeous FreshKonistas have to share about their eye-inspiring experience!

“I love to mix and match my outfits especially with FreshKon® Alluring Eyes Winsome Brown. I feel more confident and attractive as my eyes look bigger and brighter! What’s more, the soft, moisturising surface keeps my eyes comfortable all day long. I will definitely recommend it to everyone!”

Alluring Eyes

FreshKon® Alluring Eyes

FreshKon® Alluring Eyes’ absolutely classy and natural shades bring out your inner charm through your beautiful eyes. At times, going simple with basic elegant colours unveil your true beauty.

Kikoline Says

“My choice of the day is Glinting Brown from FreshKon® Colors Fusion. I’m so in love with the distinctive yet natural hues which truly define my bubbly persona!”

Color Fusion

FreshKon® Colors Fusion

Express your dynamism with a splash of stunning hues that truly bring out your glow in FreshKon® Colors Fusion lenses. So many colours, so much fun!

Wei Ying Says

“I have always been cautious on wearing grey color contact lenses in case they make my eyes blurry or whitish-toned. Urban Grey from the FreshKon® Mosaic series is amazing! The color is captivating and makes my eyes look so natural, helping me to perfect my simple yet elegant image.”

FreshKon® Mosaic

Glow in style with the unique design that brings out your stylish charm. Enhance your magnetic attraction with the irresistible colors of FreshKon® Mosaic for that sophisticated touch.

FreshKon Cosmetic Contact Lenses are available at leading optical shops with various ranges of styles and colors to suit that fashionista in you.

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